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My Artistic Story

Ryan's Story From The Beginning

I was not always into graphics, but I loved art.  I began drawing at age 4 with my grandmother, Fern Knope, a masterful artist.  She bought me Berol Colored Pencils, Sketch Pads, Painting supplies and more as I reached 9 years old.  We would draw for hours at her in-law apartment (Man - those were the days). 

I had always been into drawing, painting, sketching and sculpting, but found a new art that rocked my world in 8th grade. My class took a field trip to the high school to check out the technology department and the classes that they offered.  That’s when I got a quick look at a class called Graphics.  As soon as I walked in the door witnessed the atmosphere and the activities, I fell in love and immediately said to myself "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life." I will never forget that day.

I enrolled in the Graphics class at Hilton Central High School during my Sophomore year and won the highest honor in the International Gutenberg Awards Competition for Computer Graphics and Printing.  I won two Best of Shows, two First Places and a Fifth place all in my first year of computer graphics.  This accomplishment had not been matched before and has not been matched since. I attribute the achievement to my instant enjoyment and love for this art that I will never loose. 

Shortly thereafter I began writing tutorials and articles for Rhinoceros 3D users and both print and online magazines such as: 3D Artist; 3D Luvr; 3D Site; Komodo Studios Mastering 3D Graphics and Creature Workshop; 3D Review; Charles River Publishing's Graphics Resource Club and many more.  I also co-wrote 3D Graphics Tutorial Collection, published by Charles River Publishing.

At that point, I decided to pay tribute to my country and serve in the United States Army. While training for Special Forces I was injured and sent home. Life resumed in computer graphics after my service in the Army...I then worked at HSI and Rockland Studios as their Lead 3D Artist managing 3D production. After 2.5 years there I decided to relocate to Denver.

I then received a job offer at world renowned Architectural design firm "RNL Design" in 2008.

That lasted until the economic crisis of 2009 and I was let go in Feb. I am now available for every type of 3D or 2D work. I also work with multiple companies on a freelance level, such as General Motors, GLS-I Inc, Sara Lee, Petards Inc, Learn It Systems, L.J.Linkjr Architect, Prestige Development, Big ideas Group, RNL Design, Amplify Research, Ecocentrix, TradeMax and more. For a client list and references please email me.

In mid 2009 I was contacted by Duncan Evans, the editor of 3D Artist Magazine (A internationally shipped magazine). I am now a monthly columnist for the magazine. Their Architectural - Interiors Q&A Expert.

In 2010 I became the main 3D Artist supplying renderings in the "Asia / Pacific Region" for super firm, Select Service Partner.

In 2019 I joined the Landscape Architecture Firm "Norris Design" as a 3D Artist. My tenure lasted 1 year due to Covid 19 layoffs.

My office was then immediately set back up to serve my freelance clients around the world once again.

Pushing a career through dedication, know-how and experience through the past 22 years. The song remains the same. I hope you enjoyed the story.

-Ryan Knope


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Pricing Notes and FAQ

  • Pricing is usually done on a per job basis at a flat rate.
  • Standard pricing is available for those who request a set pricing option or those who have quantity work.
  • Hourly rate pricing is available for those who request it.
  • Discounts are given for mutiple renderings in the same contract.
  • Generally pricing for detailed 3D renderings run from $500 USD on up. Some pricing quotes may be less. Graphic design, 2D renderings, game art and others are discussed on a single basis price as it often varies.
  • Multiple edit sets are provided within flat rate pricing. This is to be used within reason. Re-designing a space completely is not covered once the 3d design is in process.
  • We accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Check and Cash as methods of payment.
  • A %50 deposit is required for most projects. Payment terms can be discussed / changed per client request.

Awards and Honors

Pic 1

Global Entertainment Award. Best 3D Design Specialist for Colorado, USA.
Press Release

Pic 1

ASAI Excellence Award for AIP 30. American Society Of Architectural Illustrators.
Press Release

Pic 1

ASAI Excellence Award for AIP 29. American Society Of Architectural Illustrators.
Press Release

Pic 1
Best of Lakewood award for Fine Art Companies.
Press Release

Pic 1 This came with the rendering "This Is Hope". Was a great experience in creation. 2011

Pic 1 Won with the rendering "The Mall" It is an honor! Please check out the gallery. 2010

Pic 1 Won with "Mansion At 6 Evan Way"." This is my 4th CGArena Award.

Pic 1 Won with the rendering "The World Has Moved On" This is my 3rd CGArena Award. 2009

Pic 1 Won 2nd Place in the Enjoy CG contest in August. Lot's of goodies and recognition! 2009

Pic 1 Won with the rendering "As Humans Control Nature". TDT3D Golden Gear Award 2009

Pic 1 Won with the rendering "As Humans Control Nature" It is an honor to be part in CG Arena each time I get in. 2009

Pic 3 "As Humans Control Nature" was featured as the image of the week and editor's choice of 3D Artist Magazine Online, June 22nd, 2009

Pic 3 "As Humans Control Nature" was picked as 4th place and Honourable Mention in "The Control of Nature Contest at "ItsArtMag"., 2009

Pic 3 "City By The Water" was featured as the image of the week and editor's choice of 3D Artist Magazine Online on June 1st, 2009

Pic 1 This came with the rendering "Global Warming". Was a great experience in creation. 2008

Pic 2 So old of a win... I forget what I got into the gallery with. This was about 2003...


Here are the Non-Internet Computer Graphics Awards that I have won. Most occuring by 1999... what ever happened to printed official awards once the Digital Age started?

Pic 2

• 3RD PLACE - Electronic Publishing

• EXCELLENCE AWARD - Computer Graphics
• GOLD KEY AWARD - Computer Graphics

• 5TH PLACE - Pre-Press A, Electronic Pub.
• 5TH PLACE - Process Color Lithography

• SILVER KEY AWARD- Computer Graphics

• 1ST PLACE - Oustanding Portfolio - CG

• 1ST PLACE - Computer Graphics Portfolio

• 3RD PLACE - Web Design

• BEST OF SHOW - Electronic Publishing A
• BEST OF SHOW - Process Litho Printing
• 1ST PLACE - Process Litho Printing
• 1ST PLACE - Electronic Publishing A
• 3RD Place- Electronic Publishing A

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  • "In my search for a 3D artist, Ryan was recommended to me, and I am extremely happy that he was. Ryan was a pleasure to work with and kept me updated throughout the entire design process. He has an incredible attention to detail, and was very easy to work with, and delivered on every request. Not only did Ryan offer great pricing, but the finished product was even greater. Overall, Ryan is an outstanding artist with high-quality service!"
    Henry Johnston - September 2022
    Clarke University

    "I’ve been in the area of commercial printing most of my working career and have dealt with a myriad of artists.  Ryan Knope rises to the top of artistic talent.  He is one of the best renderers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working.  He has the unique ability to create life-like architectural settings that you’d swear are fine photographs.  His sense of color is second to none and his creations jump off the page (or the website).  Most important is that Ryan is a good listener, he understands budgets, he’s flexible and he’s patient.  Do yourself a favor and let Ryan bring your next rendering project to life.  He is really good at what he does. He’s not a prima donna as is the case with so many artists.  He became a vital team member.  I could go on and on but I’m sure you get my drift."
    A. Barry Hirschfeld - September 2020
    Developer, Philanthropist

    Studio 135 Information - Renderings

"Ryan is a fantastic 3D artist. As an architect looking for specific features in a rendering it is always easy to communicate with Ryan and get the desired final product. The prices are extremely competitive and the quality of service and care behind the work are always evident. We engage Ryan for all of our rendering needs without hesitation."
Graham Godfrey - February 2018
Architect, Saiber Saiber, Inc.

"Black Laser Learning has been utilizing the skilled folks at Ryan Knope Visualization for many years. Always impressed with the results and customer focus. Ryan and his staff strive to produce the effects and final product we envisioned. His images and animations have truly improved the impact and effectiveness of our training and marketing programs."
Vincent Capone - February 2018
Owner, Black Laser Learning Inc.

"I was—fortunately for me—able to pull Ryan onto a project on short notice and with a tight deadline. I needed a 3D rendering of a smart city district that would be 'inserted' into the real cityscape of a major U.S. city. Throughout the fast-moving project, Ryan kept me constantly updated as to progress and was very responsive to design iterations. The final product hit the bullseye and kept us on schedule."
Peter Bronski - January 2018
Founder & CEO, Inflection Point Agency

"I hired Ryan to do a 3D rendering of some condos that needed to be sold quick. His professionalism and dedication throughout the process far exceeded my expectations. Not only did Ryan deliver ahead of schedule and at a competitive price, he also committed himself to working with me and understanding my specific needs. Ryan is a great communicator and did an excellent job on keeping me up to speed on the status of the project. Outstanding service. I highly recommend Ryan to anyone in need of a similar service."      
Lee Harris - December 2013
Coldwell Banker A & W Realestate

"I had been searching for a team that can turn my vision into a work of art for a couple of weeks then I found Mr. Ryan Knope. I wasn't aware of an individual that can turn things this fast. There's no need for a team for Mr. Knope. A truly talented and creative artist that turned my ideas into a masterpiece. He got right to work after our production meeting and the outcome is just pure genius!
Jan Constantine - March 2013
Commander-in-Chief, Media Playground

"I have worked with Ryan for many years. First while at my tenure at "Select Service Partner", as Project Manager for the Asia \ Pacific Region and now while owning my own firm, "Chief Design". SSP Asia \ Pacific has only one 3D Rendering Artist. This is Ryan Knope.
Ryan has always been an extreme value to all projects involved. This is with his dedication, timeliness, fantastic renderings and the ease of communication.
I recommend Ryan to anyone who needs high quality renderings and high quality service."
Phill Cheng
Owner - "Chief Design" - March 2013

"Excellent customer service and excellent design work. Would and will definitely use again. Thank you."
Aaron Sullivan- Owner
Titan Homes - February 2013

"I hired Ryan to do a 3D rendering of a design drawing I wanted to use for a website logo. Ryan did an amazing job. My experience dealing with Ryan was that he is creative, talented, and very professional. He delivered superior quality in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. He is also very easy to work with and it was very easy to collaborate with him on this project. I highly recommend Ryan for any of your 3D graphic rendering needs!"
-Maurice Durocher-
"Maurice Inc." - February 2013

“Ryan Knope was a pleasure to work with at all times. We found his high level of professionalism, customer service and accessibility to be impeccable.  He understood what we were looking to do and made it happen with no stress.  Our project was completed quickly and turned out better than we had expected.  Looking forward to using his talents in the future.  We highly recommend Ryan with no reservations.  .”
-Shawn and Amanda Kelchner
"Kelchner Foods" - January 2013

“Ryan was a true pleasure to work with.
He helped design 4 beautiful renderings of indoor and outdoor space, which will be used to market my new business.  He was extremely prompt and delivered all updates at a timely manner.  We communicated frequently with one another and he was very accommodating when asked to make multiple edits.  The finished product was more than what I could've asked for.  Ryan is an exceptionally talented artist and I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone to create high quality renderings.”
Roxana Chiu - Owner
SnapSuites - October 2012

“When a former colleague of mine was looking for an illustrator to help communicate a unique retail concept, I agreed to help him out and began cast about for the right person for the job. My years of experience developing retail stores for a list of major brands had trained me to recognize the class of professional capable of creating illustrations out of ideas. Ryan Knope possesses that level of professionalism and expertise. In fact, Ryan is possibly the best illustrator I have ever worked with, His ability to work through the creative process in a collaborative and highly communicative way is incomparable. It is because of these traits that I would highly recommend Ryan to individuals and institutions alike who are looking for a world class illustrator with a firm grasp on what it takes to provide excellent and high quality outcomes.”

-Michael LaVilla - Owner
"Retail Vanguard" - March 2012

It a real pleasure to collaborate with Ryan, who is very talented 3D artist with a keen understanding of how important it is for the client to review and approve the progress along the way to get the highest quality visual image within budget and time constraints to exceed expectations. No question where I will go next time for these services!
- Mark Meiser - Owner
Meiz Development CO. - Feb 2012