Exterior Design

-Professional 3D Artistry-

Our Contacts

Ryan Knope
- Ryan W. Knope
_Owner - Artist

_Telephone: 1-410-979-4818
- Email: info@ryanknope.com

We would love to hear from you, whether it is comments on work done for your firm, new projects, or just browsing the site and like what you see.

All inquiries are welcome. Large or small.

Pricing Notes and FAQ

  • Pricing is usually done on a per job basis at a flat rate.
  • Standard pricing is available for those who request a set pricing option or those who have quantity work.
  • Hourly rate pricing is available for those who request it.
  • Discounts are given for mutiple renderings in the same contract.
  • Generally pricing for detailed 3D renderings run from $500 USD on up. Some pricing quotes may be less. Graphic design, 2D renderings, game art and others are discussed on a single basis price as it often varies.
  • Multiple edit sets are provided within flat rate pricing. This is to be used within reason. Re-designing a space completely is not covered once the 3d design is in process.
  • We accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Check and Cash as methods of payment.
  • A %50 deposit is required for most projects. Payment terms can be discussed / changed per client request.